March 25, 2016


Templates and Dimensions

Below are some of the most common templates and dimensions needed to create your artwork. It’s best to plan ahead so your order is completed accurately and on time.

Just click on the image of the art you are going to create. There will be a variety of applications to use and a pdf file for your reference.

For other media, special order and custom products, please contact us directly.
templates and dimensions


About our templates:
We have templates available in all professional-level desktop publishing software. Here is a list of file formats we can accept:
• QuarkXPress (versions 3.3 – 7)
• Adobe Illustrator (versions 8 – CS3)
• Adobe InDesign (version 2 – CS3)
• CorelDRAW (versions 8 – X3)
For each application our templates are saved in the oldest version we accept. We do this to make them accessible to the widest number of users.
Please save all your files in the version of software you are using. DO NOT save back to an older version as this may cause problems with your files. Some applications default to save in the version used to create the template and you will have to use the Save As functionto save in a newer version. As an alternitive you can always save your files as EPS files, Which can be opened by a wide varity of applications.
DO NOT USE TEXT IN PHOTOSHOP FILES (Name, addresses, phone numbers, etc). Instead, place the text in your Illustrator file. Note: text can be used as a graphic design element in Photoshop. Minimum font size must be 5pt. When using a font that is knocked out of a four-color process background, use at least a 5pt bold.
Setting up your design:
Use the layer called Your Artwork. The layer called Your Artwork is intended for you to use for your layout. You may make additional layers to use for your design. Please don’t place any of your design on the Template Guides, Registration, Internal Use or Template Tags layers. You may move the Template Guides layer to the top if you want to be able to see the guides on top of your design (the guides are set to non-printing and will not print on your final output).
All artwork should be supplied in CMYK with the “Coated GRACoL 2006″ Color Profile. (aka: ISO 12647-2-2004). Please remember that RGB colors may shift when going to CMYK.
Disc Artwork
Cases and Inserts:
Jewel Case Inserts:
2 Panel Front Cover Insert
4 Panel Front Cover Insert  
6 Panel Front Cover Insert  
Bottom Tray Card  
Amray Case Inserts:
Outside Cover Wrap (Entrapment) 
Insert Card  
4 Page Booklet  
Disc Sleeves:
Cardboard Sleeve  
CD Digipak  
DVD Digipak 
cd digipak