Content is King!

Content_is_king_on_social_marketingWe get so many filmmakers coming in looking into the costs on their project. So many of them seem to think that they must shoot with the latest and greatest camera and at the highest quality possible. You must remember that CONTENT IS KING.
If you don’t have a good story then it really doesn’t matter what you shoot on. On the other hand, if your story is really good, people will want to watch no matter what the quality is. Some of the most watched video’s have been taken with a simple cell phone! 
I don’t take away from having a quality product, but with most of you having a very tight budget, your monies would be better spent on the many other things involved in your production. Your content and how you tell the story is much more important then killer resolution. Not only is top end gear expensive, your also going to need all of the extras involved with that format and then more expensive “qualified” crew to operate it.
Another way to look at what equipment to use is by working backwards. Figure out what your final output media will need to be and how and where it will be viewed. Most theatres only accept DVD or Blu-ray, so your max. resolution only needs to be 1920 x 1080.
For us, we would rather get a good reliable camera and spend more on script development, set design, sound, better talent and post production then the super high resolution that will be a waste in the end. Also remember that these huge files take much longer to render and work with, and then god forbid, your system crashes. I would rather pay for a better actor than have a 4K image.
Now if you have the budget, hey…go crazy. Also, there is a time and place for these high end cameras, like shooting majestic panoramas and nature documentaries, or if there is huge amount if VFX or CGI work needed.
I’m just saying that content should be the most important element and just get the gear and crew to fit your end product. Your goal should be to do everything to make the story telling better.
Robert A. Borer