Act One Pictures: “The WOW Factor”

wow factorIn any video production endeavor, there is a standard which serves as a unit of measurement for the producer. For many in the field of video production, their work aspires to the reachable level of the merely “good.”

Act One Pictures aspires beyond this. Our video production aims to inspire our clients to utter a single world, one that is produced as the artisan crafts beyond your expectation and spontaneously move you to express a single word.


This is the difference between Act One Pictures and any other production company. Each of our projects begins with thorough creative collaboration with our clients, a due diligence on our part to explore our vast resources, experience and equipment within our grasp to give you exactly what you want—and maybe a lot more! Whichever medium you wish to film a project for: TV, Internet—or even for a movie theatre!—we promise to deliver the “WOW Factor.”

Previous clients like AT&T, The Discovery Channel, Fortune Magazine, Kaiser Permanente, Qualcomm, Inc., US Dept. of Homeland Security, The San Diego Chargers, PETCO, and many others have trusted us in developing productions before—and have all expressed very happy reviews.

Whether your goal is to: attract investors, impress producers, create a presentable—and saleable—product, or create a simple montage, your search stops at Act One Pictures. With almost forty years of video production experience, we won’t stop working until you sit back and watch your project with satisfaction.

What video can we produce for you? Call us anytime and we’ll sit and discuss how to make it happen—we even specialize in last-minute productions and unlike any other video production companies in San Diego, we offer hourly rates to get that job done within your budget.