April 3, 2016


DVD, CD & Videotape Copies

alt image textAct One Pictures provides you with complete  DVD, CD, Tape, Blu-Ray and Flash Drive copy services. We offer both duplication and replication methods and can make 1 to 1,000,000 copies with black text print or full color printing, custom packaging, inserts and booklets.





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Digital Copies Process

Digital formats can hold a tremendous amount of information.  Some of the advantages are:
  • Durability
  • Interactivity
  • Low mailing cost
  • Worldwide format acceptance
  • Great archival storage capability
  • Easy and inexpensive mass duplication
  • Crystal clear digital sound on a variety of tracks
  • High definition full color photos, video, graphics and text
Digital disc copies can be duplicated in two ways. One form of copying is called duplication and the other method is called replication. The methods are discussed below.
CD and DVD duplication is the process of “burning” or copying information from a master disc to blank CDs or DVDs. Duplication services offered included full-color custom printing and packaging. If you need more than 600 discs, you may want to consider a mass quantity production process called replication.

CD, DVD and Blu-Ray replication is the process of physically stamping together the plastic layers in the disc and metallic material that contains the digital information. Replication services can include full-color custom printing and packaging. There is a 1000 disc minimum for any replication order. If you need less than 1000 discs, you may want to consider a small quantity production process called duplication.
Flash (thumb) Drives 
DVD copies
DVD are by far the most used format to view video’s. DVD’s give you some tremendous capabilities and our turnaround is quick, the quality is excellent, and our packaging is the best around. We have been making DVD copies for over 20 years and we take a lot of pride in what we do.
We offer high quality and very competitive DVD duplication services. DVD’s are not much more expensive than VHS tape and it’s digital and it won’t degrade over time. Most people have access to a DVD player either in their computer or a stand-alone unit at work or home. No order is too small or too big. We also provided full service printing and packaging.
CD copies
We offer high quality and very competitive CD duplication services. No order is too small or too big. As well, we encourage people with VHS collection to transfer their footage to digital media ASAP. Since videotape is a magnetic medium, it degrades a little every day. Don’t lose valuable footage whether it’s business related or precious home videos. We offer HUGE discounts for transferring big libraries of videotape onto CD/DVD.
We also provided full service printing and packaging.
CD Business Cards
Act One can create a miniature CD the size of a business card just for you. Because even a small CD holds a whole lot of information, this can be a unique sales tool. Normally, a business card only holds basic information on a company. This one can contain a ton of text and photos, all about your organization.
Blu-Ray copies
Not as popular as they thought they would be. Duplication and replication costs are still quite high. Please contact us for current pricing.
Flash Drive copies
Act One Pictures can provide you with complete digital media copies on Flash Drives. These formats can hold a tremendous amount of information. They give you some tremendous capabilities: small; durable and low mailing cost.
Tape Copies Process
Our duplication services are fast and low cost! Although we specialize in VHS copies, BetacamSP copies and MiniDV copies, we can duplicate and/or transfer to and from any of the following formats:
Video Formats:
3/4” U-matic
DVCPro 25 and 50
Audio Formats:
Standard Audio Cassette
Micro Cassette
Reel to Reel
Video Tapes Copies
VHS duplication includes Super High Grade VHS video tape. Packaging is in class “A” cassette shells, cardboard sleeves or nothing at all. Includes duplication from almost any media, analog or digital, and foreign or domestic formats. We are very competitive on any quantity.
It’s always best to have clean video edits done in a professional edit room. But we can “Crash” portions of tape together in our duplication department. The image on the screen may break up for a few seconds after each crash edit.
Audio Tapes Copies
We can duplicate mass quantities of standard audio cassettes, along with custom label printing and packaging.
We have been copying tapes for over 35 years and we take a lot of pride in what we do. 
Loop Videos
Loop videos are great for trade shows booths, lobbies, and showrooms. You can have a continuously playing video without having to attend to it. We can program a DVD or CD to repeat endlessly.